For Job Seekers

For Job Seekers

I am new to retail

Did you know that entry level jobs in the retail and customer service industry can provide a path to a rewarding career in fashion? Or human resources? Or management? The greater Chicagoland area provides many opportunities to be successful in these careers.  For people just starting out, our Reimagine Retail Chicagoland partner agencies provide training, and many help you advance in your career and continue to grow. Some of these training programs result in a National Retail Federation Certification, giving an advantage in the hiring process. Partner agencies also provide financial literacy training and connections to resources to set retail employees up for success. The skills and abilities critical to success in retail work—like customer service, teamwork, service recovery, and problem-solving—are in demand from employers not just in retail, but many other industries. CLICK HERE to learn how the skills you learn in a retail job can advance you within retail or to other industries.

We Provide:

  • Job readiness training and support
  • On-the-job training
  • Customized professional development skills training
  • National Retail Federation Certifications (retail fundamentals, customer service, sales)
  • Personalized career pathway coaching
  • Job placement
  • Financial literacy workshops
  • One-on-one financial coaching

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